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Software Development

Avian Technologies Ltd. is a developer of software for safety critical systems. We develop both the software that is embedded into the systems themselves, and Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) tools that support the development of embedded safety critical software.

Software Tools for Safety Engineering

Avian Technologies develops computer-aided software engineering (CASE) tools to assist with system safety engineering, including analysis, design, testing and documentation. Many of these products are developed as joint ventures with other software companies - Avian Technologies providing the safety engineering domain knowledge to match the software development skills of our partners.

Bespoke Software Development

Avian Technologies Ltd offers services for the development of bespoke software for safety critical applications. As we state in our mission statement, we develop software using formal mathematical methods, since this provides the greatest level of design integrity – and also the best cost-effectiveness. In general, formal methods work by defining mathematical properties of the program we wish to develop – key conditions or constraints that we must prove true if we want to show that the program’s behaviour is dependable. As a program is developed, we continually analyse the emerging software design to prove that the mathematical properties are being maintained as the program is created. If we can’t prove this at any given stage of development, then it is wrong and we must change it to correct the errors.

We write our software in either the Ada or Java programming languages. Ada has long been established as the language of choice for highly critical systems – its language has been deliberately designed so as to permit mathematical analysis. Java is gaining importance rapidly, and may take over from C as the leading programming language for medium integrity applications. We use the leading tools and techniques developed by the software industry for designing Ada and Java programs, and verifying that they satisfy their specifications.



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