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Computer technology underpins everything we use to go about our daily lives – from the supply essential of gas and electricity services to our homes and the delivery of food to the shops where we buy them, to the control of every system we use for travel (cars, trains, aeroplanes). Computers are an essential part of modern medicine, enabling the sick and injured to be cared for to a level of quality unattainable without their use.

In all walks of life, systems based on computer technology have become part of our lives. Where systems like these can cause accidents, we must make sure that these systems are designed to be as safe and reliable as possible, to minimise the risk to the society at large.

In the coming decades, this technology will take an even greater leap forward, as Intelligent Systems become a practical reality. Robots, autonomous vehicles, and swarm systems are set to leave the research lab and enter our lives.

In this New World of smart machinery, some vital questions must be answered if these new systems are to be introduced in a responsible manner. Can we trust these systems? Will they introduce new risks hitherto unforeseen? Will they operate reliably? We at Avian Technologies are dedicated to providing those answers.





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