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Services within Intelligent Systems Development

Much of our new technology is still in the research and development stages, and is not yet mature enough to offer for industrial application. However, when the technology is ready we intend to offer two types of service to clients and to the public:

Contract Services in the Design of Bespoke Intelligent Systems

We aim to offer our services as a design house for the development of bespoke solutions for intelligent control systems using behaviour based systems technology. We will be able to design systems to meet the requirements provided to us by clients (or developed by consultation with them).

Intelligent System Products

In addition to acting as a design house for others, we also aim to develop our own intelligent control system products, whose safety and dependability have been certified. Application fields include automotive systems, aerospace systems, marine systems, robotics, and other types of self-contained embedded systems that are required to control hardware autonomously and where correct operation may be critical to the health of people and/or the environment.

While the current technology we have is intended for the design of single, complex, intelligent agents, Avian Technologies Limited aims to develop similar methods and technologies for the development of swarm systems, and is currently actively engaged in R&D in this field.





Photo courtesy BRL.
Images above: Ongoing research in intelligent robots at Avian Technologies Ltd. A swarm of 'aerobots' developed at the Bristol Robotics Laboratory (www.brl.ac.uk).

Real industrial airborne robots will require safety certification. Avian Technologies is developing some methodologies for achieving this within practical budgets and timescales.

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