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The New World of Intelligent Systems

A New World is coming - a world of autonomous systems such as robots and self-controlled vehicles, of networks and collective systems. These systems will be capable of new levels of functionality that are simply too complex for current technology to deliver in a reliable manner.

Many of these systems will be biomimetic, where the structure and design principles of systems copy examples found in nature. The process of natural evolution has produced many amazing examples of complex system behaviour and mechanism, and by identifying the principles by which they work, we can use the same principles in artificial systems to achieve similar capabilities.

Society will benefit from these new technologies and system concepts if they can be made reliable, safe, and dependable, and we need the system analysis and design capability to do so. Avian Technologies is dedicated to providing that capability.







The ‘Rabbit’ robot, an experimental machine that walks and runs.

We must be able to prove that machines like this can do so reliably before we can use them in critical applications.


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