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Avian Technologies Engineering Services

Avian Technologies Ltd offers an array of services to clients in the field of systems, software and safety engineering. We can offer the following services:

Safety Analysis

We are experienced in performing all the common methods of safety analysis (e.g. HAZOP, FFA, FTA, FMEA),and we have experience of using these techniques incompliance with a number of industry safety standards, such as IEC 61508, EN50128, ARP 4754 and ARP 4761.

Safety-directed Design Engineering

We have experience of numerous system development activities such as Requirements Engineering, System Architecture Design and System Test Specification, in projects compliant with industry safety standards such as IEC 61508 and CENELEC EN 50128.




Avian Technologies Ltd. seeks to encourage the best standards in safety critical systems engineering by offering its services to others who may have a need of additional staff resources.
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