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At Avian Technologies Ltd., we have undertaken contract work on a number of projects. Our past activities have included:

Pegasus Aero Engine Project

We assisted Rolls Royce Military Aero Engines Ltd with the preparation of in-service Safety Management reports, including collating information on system failures, risk assessment, and identification of the relevant corrective actions.

West Coast Main Line Network Management Centre

We assisted PB Kennedy & Donkin Ltd. with the development of preliminary hazard analyses and safety requirement specifications, in accordance with Railway Industry safety standards.

ERTMS Signalling Systems

We assisted Westinghouse Rail Systems Ltd. and Silver Software Ltd. with the development, safety assurance, and safety case preparation for the WRSL Radio Block Centre (RBC) system, part of WRSL’s product range for the new European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) infrastructure.

Train Control Systems

We assisted KB Westinghouse Brakes Ltd. with the development of their EP2002 Project, performing a wide variety of system and software safety assurance activities throughout the development process for the system, from preliminary hazard analyses through to safety-directed design, software safety analysis, and safety case preparation.



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